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Initially founded as the Systemic Solutions Bulletin by Barbara Stones and Jutta ten Herkel, the Knowing Field is currently the only international English-language journal available on constellation work.

In each issue, you will find articles representing a broad spectrum of how Constellation Work is moving throughout the world.

Articles are published from long time leaders in the field as well as newcomers. From deep philosophical and scientific discussions, to practical tips and techniques, to soul stirring stories of healing breakthroughs-
-with this subscription, you will enter a radically inclusive space that helps shine a light on the professional practice of Constellation Work as well as the mysteries that continue to surprise, confound and humble all involved in this work.

Browse through this website, have a taste of what is on offer by reading some of the extracts, peruse the lists of contents.

You will see there is something of interest for everyone involved with constellations. Many facilitators and trainers of this work, some of whom are quite isolated geographically, find the journal a great source of nourishment and education. We hope you do too.

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